Publicity of exhaust gas, noise, and wastewater discharge up to standards

Release time: 2022-03-16

Longxinglong company entrusted "Zhengji" testing company to test the waste gas and noise at the same time according to the company's sewage discharge permit, particulate matter in wastewater, SO2, NOx, VOCS, non-methane total meridian, toluene, xylene, According to the implementation standard of air pollutant emissions, GB16297-1996 comprehensive emission standard of air pollutants, GB16297-1996 noise monitoring standard "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises" GB12348-2008 implementation, the monitoring results are all up to standard emissions, The wastewater was entrusted to the Jinquan Sewage Treatment Plant in the Donghaiyuan Centralized Control Area for centralized treatment, and the monitoring results were all discharged up to standard.

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