Jinjiang Long Xing Long Dyeing & Finishing Co.,Ltd. was established in August 1999 with a total investment of 12 million US dollars, covering an area of ​​55,000 square meters and a monthly production capacity of about 10 million yards. With international advanced dyeing equipment (high temperature jigger, warp beam dyeing machine, overflow dyeing machine) and finishing equipment (setting machine, coating machine, laminating machine, calender), specializing in the dyeing of chemical fiber woven fabrics Finishing, finishing, coating, etc.

In 2006, the company carried out the first technical renovation and expansion project. The company is mainly engaged in continuous rolling and dyeing and long-temperature dyeing equipment for long-distance vehicles. It is mainly engaged in dyeing and dyeing of cotton woven fabrics, forming an annual dyeing and processing of cotton and other woven fabrics of 129 million meters. Production capacity.

In order to implement the national "Textile Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan", promote the technological progress of China's textile industry, upgrade the dyeing and weaving technology of enterprises, form scale effect, and consolidate and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market, the company began to carry out technical reforms in 2007. . The company now has six domestic and international first-class padding lines and three rotary screen printing lines equipped with German KUSTERS uniform rolling mills and mohlo photoelectric weft feeders, equipped with Italian carbon brush sanding machines. Super soft machine and fully automatic computer numerical control airflow dyeing machine, automatic computer numerical control high normal temperature dyeing and overflow equipment, equipped with international standard ITS inspection system, and special purification and softening water treatment facilities, for our company to produce medium and high grade The product lays a solid foundation. The company has always been committed to the research and development of new products, new varieties and new processes. The products cover all kinds of cotton dyed fabrics and weft bombs, double elastic fabrics, nylon cotton, nylon cotton elastic, carbon grinding and fading, double-sided full-bottom printing, various bamboo knots, jacquard fabrics like Tiansi, wool Tiansi polyester, etc. .

In May 2005, the company won the “Top Ten” introduction of advanced talents from foreign talents. In September 2006, it was awarded the “Director Unit” by the Integrity Promotion Association. In September 2006, it was awarded the title of “Ping An Enterprise”. In July 2007, he was awarded the “Membership Unit” of the Environmental Protection Society. In September 2010, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. In 2011, it was rated as a harmonious enterprise by Quanzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government.

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