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Research and Development Center

The company has set up a national certification testing center.

Advanced production equipment

Equipped with Germany, Italy and other advanced equipment, with international standard ITS testing system

Jinjiang Long Xing Long Dyeing & Finishing Co.,Ltd.was established in August 1999 with a total investment of 12 million US dollars, covering an area of 55,000 square meters and a monthly production capacity of about 10 million yards. With international advanced dyeing equipment (high temperature jigger, warp beam dyeing machine, overflow dyeing machine) and finishing equipment (setting machine, coating machine, laminating machine, calender), specializing in the dyeing of chemical fiber woven fabrics Finishing, finishing, coating, etc.。


Long Xing Long Group

Complete industrial chain

Its own chemical fiber dyeing and finishing plant, cotton dyeing and finishing plant, weaving factory.

Group of Industries

Product Category

Business casual clothes

Outdoor sport

Fashion clothes

Sports & Leisure

Down Jackets

Chemical fiber fabric

Cotton products

Fashion and leisure

Product Application
A suitcase smashes the world: Interview with Li Jingmei, vice president of marketing of Long Xing Long Group


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